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We have been considering this decision for a while now and it’s finally time that we enforce that decision.

As of today, we close the doors of The Glasgow Renegades for the last time. We have recently not been doing the as well as we once were and due to lack of players and low fundings, we couldn’t keep it going any longer.

We are planning on selling The Glasgow Renegades to anyone that is willing to for a fair price. Email/DM us if interested. Again we really appreciate all the support we have been given over this past year of The Glasgow Renegades being up and we hope if we sell it that the new owner(s) will take great care of it.

RJS06 & EMCB06

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What team would you like to join (Fortnite, Overwatch or Rainbow 6 Siege):




Why would you like to be apart of The Glasgow Renegades:




Why do you think you should be picked over another person submitting an application?:





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